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A private resting place for and by the student.

// Alfa College Hardenberg


From August 2019 to December 2019, we ran a pilot with Soulmate's Cavus space. Together with us and Marieke Herweijer (art teacher and educator), the students have designed sessions around the question: 'what need is there for stillness at the Alfa college'. 

We designed education and creatively collected various feedback through surveys, workshops and on-site student surveys. 

We have combined these results in a study of which you can find the infographic on this page.

The students themselves were allowed to design a layout for the Soulmate inner-space, which increased the sense of makership and immediately lowered the threshold to enter the space.

Our practical research often showed that students need such a place of peace or quiet at school, but that they do not yet have that place. Previously, they always had to 'flee' to the toilet, or put in earphones with music to shut themselves off.

It is important for the student that they can feel 'at home' in such a space. A safe place like their bedroom or living room where they can drop themselfs on the couch after school. 

Partly thanks to our research and the pilot, awareness and the need for rest, de-stimulation and general well-being for teachers and students has increased. From here, the Alfa college in Hardenberg started in 2023 with the design of a room within the school in which health, exercise, relaxation and rest come together.


Safe living room feeling


What impact did we make


Student and teacher awareness of the importance of a quiet place

Involvement and positive development of the student with the theme of silence

Integrating follow-up steps within positive health

Practical research with valuable results for Soulmate

Playful education to support the process


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