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Ontdek onze projecten, locaties en ervaringen.


DGTL x Innofest //

After further developments, we tested our Cavus again at a festival together with Innofest. This year with DGTL  at the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam! An impressive experience with 40,000 people! Our new upgrade of the lock system and improved damping, together with the unique round shape, impressed visitors.


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Liberation Festival //

A silent cabin at a festival?! On May 5, 2023 we were at the Liberation Festival with the new Soulmate 'Cavus' prototype. Here we tested the new 'Soulsafe' slot and especially saw how valuable a silence and low-stimulus environment can be at a festival. 


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Bibliotheek centrum//

During the theme month around digital detox, the library paid extra attention to relaxing, withdrawing and using the telephone less. The Soulmate space was part of this and gave the visitor a moment of rest and relaxation. We have consciously incorporated an hour-long piece of music named: 'Canto Ostinato' into the space. The visitor had the simple choice of whether or not to listen to the piece of music by putting on the headphones, and in this way spontaneously came into contact with a part of the piece. In addition, the visitor could share a reaction or fantasy via post-its that you could stick on the inner wall.


Zwolle | De 10e locatie!

Studying and relaxing go hand in hand, that is our ambition! At the Deltion-college in Zwolle, are we investigating the need for silence and reflection, and which space can best match this theme for the student and teacher. We use education, field research and the pilot-space to retrieve results that we will eventually translate into a custom space, experience or installation. We work closely with the target group and carry out various activities within the school. Read more about this project here.



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On October 15, Soulmate was at Theater & Congres Orpheus in Apeldoorn. I designed a 'Cave experience'; The visitor took a seat on a low-lying gray chair that stood between two tubes of slowly dripping water. On the floor were pieces of mirror foil that reflected waves created by video mapping on the walls inside. Through audio you heard drops falling slowly, so that you imagined yourself in a cave, as it were.

Theater Orpheus// 


From August 2019 to December 2019, the Soulmate space was at the Alfa College in Hardenberg. During that time, Spatiebalk (Ruben Bruggeling & Marieke Herweijer) organized a number of sessions in collaboration with students and teachers around the research 'need for stillness at Alfa-college.' We have collected results in a creative way on the basis of surveys, interviews and educational material developed by Spatiebalk. The Soulmate has continuously served as 'a means to promote the conversation around silence.' In this way, Spatiebalk wants to contribute to making the experience of silence accessible. This makes a meaningful contribution to education; Our research shows that by experiencing silence, students can experience more space within themselves.


WhatsApp Image 2019-10-16 at 16.29.30(1)_remote.jpeg



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Klooster Nieuw Sion Diepenveen

An old monastery with a place for meditation. The room was furnished with a mechanically driven handpan that gave a random tone and speed with its own drumstick. With soft cushions and a quiet environment , this was the ultimate place to unwind .



LEF Future Center// Rijkswaterstaat Utrecht

A unique location for the Soulmate space: part of a brainstorming session in this eccentric environment. The space was used as a place to relax between all the creative thoughts and to let the good new ideas come to the fore.


Kattegat festival// Zwolle

Immediately afterwards, the second festival followed: Kattegat. Set up by a community living together at Hanzeland in Zwolle. This time the interior space of Soulmate was equipped with a bamboo-chill design where you could escape from all the party noise. I myself lived here for a while in one of the container houses.



kunstenaars in de kazerne// Zwolle

The first official presentation of the Soulmate space was at the exposition called 'Kunstenaars in de kazerne'. We have organized an exhibition here together with designers, painters, photographers and other visual artists. Introduced by members of the municipality of Zwolle. Together with artist Sanne van Grinsven, the interior was taken care of; visitors could take a seat on a relaxing rocking chair and enjoy natural elements in a glow-in-the-dark setting.



Graceland festival// Vierhouten

The first festival where the Soulmate space was! Exciting because Soulmate was outside for the first time. One night I ran out of my tent to cover the installation because of a terrible downpour, keeps the tension going! This time Sanne van Grinsven had come up with a unique experience for space; write a letter to yourself that will be sent to you later when you no longer expect it.

Hogeschool Windesheim// Zwolle

Soulmate was sponsored by Re:Link student chaplaincy at the time. As a thank you and inspiration, the Soulmate spent a few weeks at Windesheim University in Zwolle. We have received several enthusiastic and useful responses from students and teachers.



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