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Study & recharge

//Deltion-college - Zwolle
//September 2021 - july 2022


'There is no place at school where you can be alone for a while, only on the toilet'. Said a student during one of the workshops.

Research with target group
Together with students and teachers, we investigated the need for a quiet and peaceful place for the Deltion-college. During appropriate theme weeks, the first version of Cavus was placed in a well-considered location. Students from interior-design worked together with us in creating a interior that matched the wishes and needs of the target group.

Customized education
Valuable and effective results were achieved through the collaboration with Anthroconsult, who conducted anthropological field research on location and interviewed students and teachers. In close collaboration with Deltion, we developed an accessible education package with assignments and exercises to use in various lessons. We measured teachers' impressions and experiences of different spaces with a virtual reality workshop.

The results
The research shows the strong need for a place of peace and quiet for schools and the valuable contribution that Soulmate has made in this regard. For example, 83% of students and teachers believe that more attention should be paid to silence and reflection, 62% want to use the Cavus cabin and 66% indicate that they need a quiet place at Deltion-college. The Cavus cabin did not only provide a concrete inspiration, but also boost the awareness of students and teachers regarding wellbeing. See this infographic for a brief overview of the results.

Special thanks to Nienke Boom for her great enthusiasm and commitment as a leader. We would also like to thank logistics students and interior design students for the beautiful interior design.

It's nice that a place has been created which gives you complete peace and quiet and literally brings you into your own bubble.


//Quote from a visitor - Guestbook


61% of students and teachers indicate that they regularly seek silence.
//Feedback sheet


What impact did we make


Showing the importance of a low-stimulus rest area at the Deltion-College in Zwolle.

Testing with students and teachers and matching their needs.

Increasing awareness around the theme quiets reflection.

Customized education and connection with the school trajectory.

Giving students a platform to deliver customized work and contribute to the project.

What impact did we make


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