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Finally an accessible way to relax.

Cavus is a flexible interior space that can be furnished to your own taste, or that we design together with you. After all, everyone has a different need when it comes to stimulation.

Cavus can be dismantled and moved and fits practically in any room.

It dampens outside noise with an insulated wall.

The Soulsafe lock ensures exclusivity and integrity of the visitor and environment and can be adjusted with a maximum time.

The unique soft round shape relaxes you and takes you into the cozy setting.



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~ 220 cm

~ 200 cm

~ 90 cm

roof light
light from above

easy to move

- Easily relax in your own way
- For schools, companies, libraries, museums and festivals
- Soulsafe lock that guarantees the safety and integrity of the visitor and the environment
- Demountable and movable
- LED function with which occupation is visible
- Create a unique experience within yourself or do it with us
- An eye for the environment with sustainable materials
- Stimulation of creativity, collaboration with artists and designers
- Customization possible



for wheelchair users



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