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At Soulmate, we strive to give form to the intangible: creating spaces that can pause us, amaze us, and touch us deeply. Our mission is to make this experience accessible through our installations, spaces, and experiences.

There is a lack of flexible, open, and playful places where we can creatively engage in unique and inspiring, calming experiences. Our vision is that experiencing space can stir us internally as human beings, allowing us to connect with something deeper within ourselves and feel more connected to our surroundings, our fellow humans, and the divine.


Creativity plays a crucial role in this endeavor.

Soulmate began in 2017 as a pilot with the first cabin I designed after graduating from art school. With that space, I aimed to playfully and creatively address the increasing need for silence, or rather the growing stress, depression, and burnout symptoms that i experienced in society. Personally, I am both enthusiastic and deeply contemplative. Silence, inspiration from monastic life and meditation have always brought me much beauty and, I dare say, enriched me as a person.

Simultaneously, in my work as an artist, I was always engaged in creating my own space or 'sanctuary'—a place where I could fully immerse myself in the experience of my own internal creative exploration and perception. Soulmate embraces my playful, intuitive designer side, providing a platform where I can create both independently and collaboratively with other makers.


With Soulmate, I aim to inspire others in this regard and hope that the cabins and experiences have a calming and deepening effect. Ultimately, it can be a platform where serenity, experience, and design converge.

Our spaces offer visitors an accessible opportunity to momentarily return to the present. Research shows that taking a moment of silence is also highly beneficial for our mental and physical health, a pleasant bonus! In addition to the creative and movable aspect, our spaces offer various benefits:

  • A place where you can truly be alone

  • Increased peace of mind, soul, and body

  • Enhanced (school) performance

  • A place that can promote mental health for a specific audience (customization)

  • A space that connects and bridges traditional, spiritual forms of contemplation in an accessible and playful manner

  • Stimulate creativity

The designs of Soulmate are a combination of autonomous art and design, modern craftmanship, a passion for space, architecture, meaning, symbolism, mysticism, and monastic life. Complex and intuitive designs come together playfully way.

Our clients include educational institutions, companies, and festivals.

that which cannot be expressed in words, we translate into space


that touches

Ruben Bruggeling | Designer | Visual artist & founder of Soulmate


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