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Having your own space is nice, but we want to go one step further and immerse you in a thematic experience. Soulcrafts are carefully crafted experiences, designs and furnishings for the interior of our cabins. Be taken away by unique experiences, often developed in collaboration with makers, artists and designers.



Let yourself be carried away by the leaves, the soft green along the walls and relax on the practical seat and lounger with accompanying fold-out table.

A soft, warm morning or evening glow is imitated by the lamp in the ceiling and on the floor there are references to stone.

Feel inside and outside in a safe and private environment. Let go of your focus for a moment and reflect on the beauty of nature, that is what we want to achieve with Defocus.

This project was created in collaboration with interior designer Agnes Eikenaar.






Beautiful and uniquely designed carpets and parquets to further enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of our cabin. 

Be inspired by a range of patterns, textures and unique works of art under your feet.

Soft materials are also relaxing to touch and sit on.






standard with cabin

The basic design is aimed at an initial simple and refreshing experience. Relax in a soft seating, be inspired by mood lighting and listen to music or the silence with noise-canceling headphones.

This interior is supplied as standard with the cabin or can be put together as desired. 

For festivals we can use soft and safe materials such as a sitsack.

IMG_0621 2_min_50.JPG




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